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Best Paint Roller Cover for Interior Walls

Are you going to paint the wall? If yes, then you must need some basic tools to paint fast and smooth. Painting is the only cheap way to makeover your sweet home. So hold one roller to setup right away. Consider to get a nice roller cover to set the roller up. As it is one of the important part for setting your roller, Best Junky got the best paint roller cover for you today.

  • Best Paint Roller gives you smooth and fastest uniform finish to your wall.
  • Different types of paint rollers are best for all paints including latex alkyds enamels and urethanes to provide optimal results.
  • Best paint rollers for walls help the painter to paint in tight and constricted areas for a sublime
  • Best paint roller for smooth finish is water and solvent resistant which absorbs paints efficiently.
  • The quality of foam and fabric used ensures longer life of paint roller cover.

Best Paint Roller Reviews

General High-Density Acrylic Paint Roller Cover 9 inch

General High-Density Acrylic Paint Roller Cover 9 inch
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These paint rollers are made from Acrylic fiber that has better paint absorption than polyester. Better paint absorption makes this roller suitable for most of the walls. Also, enables it to give the high surface finish.

The surface you’re painting determines the nap (the thickness of the woven cover) you will need. These roller covers have 3/8” nap which is best paint roller cover for ceilings and drywall.  Either you are going to paint in your house by yourself, or you are going to paint in office professionally these Acrylic Paint Rollers are best for you.

Its nap is made up polypropylene core which is versatile thermos plastic material with chemical and thermal resistance along with excellent moisture and oxygen barrier.

Either you have got interior or exterior painting projects this painting roller is the perfect one. Only because of its steady performance in hot and wet both climates. These high-quality rollers are finely handcrafted from flannelette making its quality superior to other rollers.

9 Inch Fabric Paint Roller Cover 1/2 inch Nap.

9 Inch Fabric Paint Roller Cover
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These fabric paint roller covers are made up of Washable Knit Fabric, which means you need not to worry about buying roller covers again and again.

The versatility of these roller covers makes them suitable for all latex paints. To make air and vacuum treatment eliminate this roller cover efficient its loose fibers and lint.

These roller covers have ½ inch nap which is best for textured surfaces requiring penetration into cracks and crevices. Also, these Fabric Paint Rollers have a longer life which is ensured by laminating the fiber core by high-grade adhesives.

Unlike other roller covers, this paint roller cover is provided with trimmed and beveled edges to give the smooth and clean finish.

Wooster Brush RR632-18 Wooster Wool Roller Cover

This most excellent quality paint roller cover is made up of 100% natural shearling which makes it incredibly soft and offers subtle sheen. These rollers are hand sewn, and extra attention is paid to make them high quality.

Wooster Brush RR632-18 Wooster Wool Roller Cover
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The soft natural shearling makes this best roller cover compatible with almost all kind of paints including latex alkyds enamels and urethanes. The Wooster wool roller covers are highly dense and give ultra-smooth and fast rolling motion to provide a smooth finish.

These best paint roller covers for smooth finish have ½” nap which is best for textured surfaces requiring penetration into cracks and crevices. Its nap is made up of the phenolic core which has the Improved strength and dimensional stability and Improved impact resistance and also cast resins.

If you are working in a damp environment or worried that your roller may get deformed then don’t worry this Best Paint roller cover is water and solvent resistant and highly stable.

The dream of perfect and smooth paint finish on your wall may come true using this paint roller cover.

Wooster Brush R243-9 Super/Fab Roller Cover

The fabric used in this super roller cover provides extraordinary results with flat and satin paints with peak ability of waterproofing.

Wooster Brush R243-9 Super Fab Roller Cover
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Your roller cover is sticking to the wall and producing partial coverage, use Wooster super/fab roller cover for it is matting resistant and provides complete coverage.

These paint roller covers have ¼” nap which produces the smoothest finish and is ideal for use on walls, wood, and metal surfaces. The naps made up of polypropylene core provide thermal and chemical resistance and also offers moisture and oxygen barrier.

If you have got rough wall to paint and your roller is ripping apart, then it is time to choose Wooster to brush super/fab roller cover because it is designed for extra rough surfaces.

Once you have used this roller, you can feel confident knowing Wooster is the name of your painting tools.

KingOrigin 4-Inch Mini Paint Roller Cover

KingOrigin 4-Inch Mini Paint Roller Cover
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These mini paint roller covers are made from lint-free acrylic and hence do not give any fluff when used.

During painting the small nooks and corners may remain unpainted. This mini paint roller cover is best for such type of operations and gets into the corners.

You want your house to look beautiful, and you need to use different paints. However, you don’t need different rollers. This mini paint roller cover is ideal for a super finish among all paints and is shed resistant.

The nap size of a mini paint roller is 3/8” which is best paint roller cover for walls and ceilings.

It features a proprietary fabric blend that delivers paint capacity and coverage. You won’t get from any other cover as it spreads the paint to all over the wall very efficiently and without any fuzz.

Purdy 144630094 Colossus Roller Cover

These colossus roller covers are made up of woven polyamides fabric which is durable, high temperature resistant.

Purdy 144630094 Colossus Roller Cover
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These rollers are great to use on variety of surfaces. It can be applied from semi-rough to highly rough surfaces. Therefore, these roller covers have the unique characteristics that they can work efficiently with all latex and oil-based paints.

Its core is made up of a polypropylene material which is resistant to chemical and heat. This roller covers also provide a barrier to oxygen and moisture.

The Colossus roller covers have the nap size of a ¾ inch which is suitable for operation on dry walls and ceilings. It is best for concrete, decks, brick, and masonry use. This thick and fluffy nap can hold more paint and get into the crevices of the rough surface.

You need to select this roller for your paint job because unlike other Purdy roller covers Colossus roller covers hold and release more paint.

Wooster Brush RR723-9 Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover

Wooster Brush RR723-9 Pro Doo-Z Roller Cover
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These Wooster brush roller covers are the most versatile roller covers. It is perfect to use for all paints enamels primers urethanes and epoxies. These are white fabric roller covers with a golden diagonal strip showing that they are microfiber roller covers. Moreover, these are best for light to medium textured surfaces use.

Due to its ability of resist matting and staying resilient these Wooster roller covers produce ultra-fine smoothness and professional finish. These Pro/Doo-Z Roller Covers are best for semi-smooth surfaces.

Standard nap size of these best paint roller covers is 3/8 inch which makes it best for ceilings and drywall. It also comes in various nap sizes, i.e., 3/16, 1/2, etc.

If you are looking for the flawless paint job, then this high dense Pro/Doo-Z roller covers with interlocked fiber are the best choice for you. The reason behind their flawless operation is that they use new Hydro Flow Technology which enables it to release paint smoothly and consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Paint Roller Cover

How to determine which nap size is better for a specific paint job?

3/4″ nap roller covers are best to use on concrete, decks, brick, and masonry. 3/8″ nap roller covers are the best paint roller cover for ceilings and drywall. 1/4″ nap covers to produce a smooth finish. ½” nap covers are best for textured surfaces requiring penetration into cracks and crevices.

Do the Best Paint Roller gives smooth finish than other painting tools?

Yes, the Best Paint Roller holds a lot of paint and cover more surface area. So, you get the perfect and smooth finish.

How to select right roller cover for a paint job?

To pick the best paint roller cover, look for the following features:

  • A plastic or phenolic core instead of cardboard, so it will hold up better, especially under repeated use.
  • No visible seams. This will minimize streaking on the painted surface.
  • A resilient nap that retains its shape, even after squeezing.


You can find plenty of roller covers with various cover and nap materials in the online market. But this list will give you Best Paint Roller Covers suitable for any paint job. You do not want to waste money as well as your paint tins just because of low-quality roller covers.

The roller covers mentioned above are optimized for different paint jobs on different surfaces under different conditions so choose carefully. The Best Paint Roller Cover will never let you down and fill your world with smooth and perfect colors.

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